Hello world! A brief Introduction.

Thelema Abbey is a virtual reality sim in the world of Second Life.

This is a verbal and pictorial adventure diary. These are the adventures of the human soul and of human love. These are the adventures of the gods and goddeses who live up in Heaven, far above the wars and the sufferings of mortal men.

In the world of the gods and goddess of the virtual world, there is no sickness nor death nor suffering, and Love is the highest and most sacred law, and there are only other gods and goddesses to love; there are no invisible sky gods.

Many are they who break the law and are cast out of heaven. Narrow is the path to heaven, where reside the gods and goddesses of love, and few are they who find it..

Second Life is not a game, just as love is not a game.

When the mind changes, the world will change. Revolutions begin first in the mind. The final and ultimate revolution in the world must be a revolution of love. When love rules the world, earth shall become heaven. I demand nothing less than a New Heaven and a New Earth.

Heaven is the world of the human mind. It is the birthplace of love.

“Love is the law; Love under will”

Venus Wardark (Lucifer), March 2012

By Venus Wardark (Lucifer)

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